Does New England Crab Company own the fishing vessels that its Jonah Crabs come from?

New England Crab Company does not own any fishing vessels. Our singular focus is on the expert processing of Jonah Crabs and we rely upon fishermen with decades of experience to find and harvest crabs for us. We have agreements with nine boats to take all of the harvest that they provide. We have less formal relationships with other boats that allow us to “fill in” with additional, high quality crabs when needed.


Is the Jonah Crab fishery considered a “sustainable” fishery?

Until 2016, the Jonah Crab fishery was a self-regulated fishery. All of the US-based processors required that the boats they bought from followed strict requirements on minimum crab size and that no females would be caught/delivered. On June 1, 2016, an approved Fishery Management Plan went into effect, that formalized the requirements that processors had been demanding (and following) for years. As a result of this plan, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch recognized Jonah Crab as a “Good Alternative” for consumers.


Does New England Crab Company do all of its own processing?

New England Crab Company does 100% of its own processing at its processing plant in Boston, MA.


Are New England Crab’s products considered to be products of the USA?

Yes, all of New England Crab Company’s ready-to- eat products are 100% products of the USA.


Is Jonah Crab the only species that New England Crab Company processes and sells?

Yes, New England Crab Company only processes crab and Jonah Crab is the only crab species that we process.


Does new England Crab Company produce and sell both fresh (not previously frozen) and frozen Jonah Crab products?

Yes, we produce and sell both fresh (not previously frozen) and frozen Jonah Crab ready-to- eat products


How does New England Crab Company distribute its products?

New England Crab Company sells directly to seafood wholesalers, seafood distributors, large retailers, large food service outlets, large restaurant chains and further processors. We do not sell directly to small retailers or small/individual restaurants or food service outlets. If you are interested in purchasing ready-to- eat Jonah Crab products, please contact us and we can work with you on the best way for you to make those purchases.


I am interested in a product combination or pack size that I do not see available. Do you offer customized packaging and/or products?

New England Crab Company prides itself on being extremely flexible. We work with customers of all types and sizes to provide our products, to the best of our ability, in the best form and pack sizes to meet their needs. Tell us what your requirements are and we will work with you to determine how to best meet them.